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Thank you so much for visiting our wedding website. We are truly thrilled and feel blessed to have you in our lives! We hope to see you on July 6th and 7th!

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Our Loveline

"I get to marry my best friend and favorite person"

  • Jab We Met

    September 2011 - By Vishal

    It was September 2011, Aditi had recently graduated and moved to Stamford, CT to begin her new job at UBS. I was out at a lounge with a few friends celebrating my birthday and ended up meeting Aditi that night. Love at first sight is a real thing! Little did I know that our friendship was the beginning of something truly special! Aditi and I spent the next few months getting to know each other - dinners, movie nights, happy hours, brunches, exploring NYC, etc. Slow to pick-up on hints, I finally asked Aditi out 5 months later!

  • The Best Date

    January 2012 - By Aditi

    One of the first movies we watched together was "Night at the Museum"...Vishal raved about this movie and talked about how awesome it would be to live the experience. It was MLK weekend 2012, and I decided to plan my first surprise date for Vishal! It was a perfect winter day for this surprise, I gave him post-its filled with multiple clues, directions, and next steps - all the way from taking the metro north from Stamford to Grand Central and then taking the subway up to the American Museum of Natural History. This museum will always hold a special place in our hearts as this was one of our first dates and in my mind our BEST DATE!

  • First Vacation

    May 2012 - By Vishal

    A weekend getaway in Washington D.C. There were flowers and champagne waiting in the hotel room before we arrived, what more could a girl ask for! We explored all the tourist sites in D.C, pop-ups and speakeasies, Nandos (not as good as London's), and pretended to be astronauts for the day at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum! Visiting D.C. became a yearly tradition for us - we make it a point to a take a trip to DC and Virginia every year around Spring. This year, we decided to get married in Northern Virginia and are inviting you to join us in our tradition while we begin our happily ever after!

  • Virgin Islands

    January 2015 - By Vishal

    I was so excited to show Aditi where I grew up! A romantic getaway filled with walks on the beach, water sports, Cruzan rum, Jamocho milkshake at Magens Bay, and the first time Aditi met my parents! Aditi and I grew closer in St. Thomas, while we spent the entire week getting lost under the sun. My favorite memory is the day-trip we took to the British Virgin Islands. We sailed the Caribbean Sea, hiked The Baths at Virgin Gorda, swam to Jost Van Dyke, and drank Pain Killers at Foxy's Beach Bar!

  • He Proposed

    December 2016 - By Aditi

    December 2016, we decided to take a trip to London, my favorite city! I was so excited to show Vishal around and spend Christmas and New Year's Eve abroad. Little did I know that Vishal had an elaborate plan to trick me into thinking we were going to London for a week. In reality, Vishal surprised me to a trip to Rome as a quick detour prior to London. I eventually found out that we were going to Rome while we were at the airport's security. I didn't know what to think, feel and how to react - I eventually thought two things: 1) I am going to Italy!!! and 2) I packed all the wrong things (how could I survive a trip to Italy without my leather jacket?!) Everyday in Rome was an adventure - full of surprises all to lead up to December 26, 2016! Vishal proposed to me at Villa Borghese (I love gardens)! I still can't get over the execution of this plan - finding a location, coordinating with our hotel, contracting a photographer overseas, and making ME fall for it! Now we will have beautiful memories and pictures to cherish forever.

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"I like you a lottle. It's like a little, except a lot"

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